Restamax Plc

Restamax Plc is a Finnish restaurant business group established in 1996. It operates over 100 restaurants, cafés, pubs and nightclubs throughout Finland. Restamax Plc employs between 900 and 1,100 people depending on the season. The turnover for 2015 was MEUR 113.6 and EBITDA MEUR 16.5.

The company’s goal is to reach a turnover of MEUR 180 by the end of 2018. We seek profitable growth in Finland’s biggest cities, growth centres and shopping centres – both organically and through the purchase of existing businesses. Our long term goal is to expand our restaurant business abroad. Restamax is the first public company in the restaurant field in Finland.

More information is available on our Company site:

The executive team:

Juha Helminen, CEO
Jarno Suominen, CFO
Perttu Pesonen, Development Director
Tero Kaikkonen, Development Director
Tomi Söderström, Chief Operating Officer
Eero Aho, Product Line Director, restaurants
Tanja Virtanen, Product Line Director, restaurants
Paul Meli, Product Line Director, nightclubs and other entertainment
Miko Helander, Product Line Director, nightclubs and other entertainment