NoHo Partners as a company

Our restaurants represent Nordic quality, brave openings and wonderful experiences on customer’s terms.

Creative innovator in the restaurant market

NoHo Partners Plc is a Finnish restaurant group behind approximately 250 restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and entertainment centres. The name derives from the words ‘Nordic Hospitality Partners’, which communicate the key goals, opportunities and strengths of the Group. Restamax Oyj and Royal Ravintolat were the predecessors of NoHo Partners. The group started its operations under NoHo Partners Oyj -name in December 2018.

Our restaurant portfolio covers everything from cafeterias to lunch restaurants, from fast casual to fine dining and from entertainment centres to nightclubs. Well-known restaurant concepts of ours are for instance Löyly, Yes Yes Yes, Holiday, Savoy, Sipuli, Sandro, Ilona Viihdemailma, Hanko Sushi, Classic American Diner, Mattolaituri, Palace ja Töölönranta.

Nordic quality and brave openings

Our new name is based on the words ‘Nordic Hospitality Partners’, which effectively crystallises the core of our operations. Nordic refers to Nordic quality and our future growth in Northern Europe, where we seek market leadership. Our tried and true restaurant concepts from one geographic area can be easily exported to other markets as well. We see many opportunities outside conventional restaurant operations, such as large events and new digital sales channels. Digitalisation enables us to provide more comprehensive experiences. This is reflected in Hospitality.

Partners emphasises our key competitive advantage, the partner model, which helps us strengthen owners’ commitment as well as create meaningful brands for our customers, leading to lasting and profitable customer relationships. As a large operator, we are able to implement the ambitious ideas of restaurateurs and introduce innovative new services.

The customer is at the center of everything

The operating environment of the field favours us. Eating out is a growing trend, and people spend more on it than before. The customer is where it all begins: we are strongly involved in their life, both day-to-day and special occasions. This is our strong point, now and in the future.

Over 250 restaurants in Finland, Denmark and Norway

We are one of the leading restaurant groups in Finland. As a strongly growing and increasingly international operator, we want to advance and enrich the Northern European restaurant field by taking tried and true concepts seamlessly to new markets and bringing in the latest trends from abroad. If you are interested in being part of this innovative group, check out our vacancies!