Open vacancies

NoHo Partners Oyj offers a diverse range of employment options throughout Finland.

NoHo Partners was born in 2018 when our predecessor Restamax grew into the international market and integrated with Royal Restaurants. Today, our restaurant group is one of the largest employers in the restaurant industry in Finland. The name is made up of the words Nordic Hospitality Partners, which communicates the Group’s core objectives, opportunities and strengths.

The Group companies include about 250 social and dining restaurants, night clubs and entertainment centers in Finland. Our well-known restaurant concepts include Stefan’s Steakhouse, Ilona Entertainment, Classic American Diner, Hanko Sushi, Sandro, Savoy, Holiday, Yes Yes Yes and Teatteri.

Employment from the top of the restaurant industry

With our over 250 restaurants, we offer an interesting and varied workplace, one of the most delicious in the industry. You will receive solid group support from us for self-development and an excellent framework for challenging and advancing our operations. In addition to this, our employees will receive comprehensive personnel benefits that will allow you to explore and enjoy the restaurant Group’s diverse locations throughout Finland.

We are always looking for new talents

In the restaurant industry you can challenge yourself with the best. We are always looking for professionals who have a desire to develop and provide the best for our customers. We value the self-imposed work approach, the spirited and humorous customer service attitude and good organizational skills. If you recognize yourself, you might be a great fit! Open positions can be found extensively across the kitchen and in customer service positions. Check out the open spaces below.

Be a part of a success story and apply for the Finland’s largest restaurant here!

 You are a star!

Every one of our experts can gain a “you are a star” encouragement and a 500€ extra reward from their successes creating daily experiences is close to our heart. Because of these wonderful moments we want to show our appreciation to our workers.
Every day, we reward our outstanding talent’s with a € 500 “You are a star” bonus.