Ankkuri – Café & pizzeria

Ankkuri – Café & pizzeria


Located in Mustalahti harbour, the new Café & Pizzeria Ankkuri serves café products of high quality and pizzas that have won the national championships.

The tastiest pizzas in Tampere, if not all of Finland, are prepared with professional skill and pure passion.

How about a Sunrise on the Horizon, Sea Voyage to Italy or Speciality from Foreign Lands? You have certainly not encountered these pizzas anywhere else!

The crisply fresh salads of Ankkuri have the taste of summer, and the Ståhlberg café delicacies complete the experience.

Find the Treasure Island's Pearl, receive the Seaman's Curse or live a bit of the Mermaid's Dream!

“The secret of a perfect pizza is that you make it as if you were eating it yourself.”

- Riina Kuntsi, Finnish Pizza Championship winner, Pizza Master of Ankkuri



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    Address: Mustalahti

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