Club Escape

Club Escape – the coolest nightclub in Jyväskylä.

Escape, Kauppakatu 32, 40100 Jyväskylä

Escape´s terrace is open according to the wheather.

ESCAPE – Beginning of a new culture

Club Escape – the coolest nightclub in Jyväskylä.
The music is gone. The light that used to shine bright in summer nights is extinguished. The doors are locked and as dark as the night. Even the Tiki bar’s surfboard has caught a new wave and sailed to different waters. Väinönkatu 32 is enjoying deserved retirement after a career spent serving night life. Things are different at Kauppakatu 32. New railway tracks lead there, carefully installed and gleaming in the sun. Our story train runs along the tracks, knowing that this will be its last journey.

Its engine room smoking, the magnificent but tired story train stops in front of Kauppakatu 32. The train driver, Mr Track Master, uses his handkerchief to wipe away the first overheated liquids running from the depths of old engine. He shouts out loudly: “Now it’s time for us to peek into the future with the track builders!” We obey the command of our maestro and follow him to the doors of the new 32.

The entry to the new Escape is extremely interesting. A handsome staircase beside a big wall, which will remain a mystery to us for the time being, is leading us to a space destined very clearly to be the cloakroom. At this stage it is already clear that the nightclub is in the midst of renovation. The structures of the rooms can be observed, however. As a noteworthy aspect of the entrance, we must mention the very spacious cloakroom, which would enable even the most hardcore builder of mini tracks to realise his wildest dreams.

The rooms of Escape, set to open in the middle of summer, continue to be very clear after we pass the cloakroom. We pluck up the courage to go a bit deeper, in order to familiarise ourselves with the step marks of the future. The building was slightly maze-like previously, but has now become significantly more spacious. Even the dreamy adventurer penning this story finds his way around the nightclub without any guidance. Our whole entourage, including the Track Master, gives the thumbs up to the facilities, whose decor is nevertheless not yet very clear. More than one surfboard is leaning against the bar of one section, but we are told that another board is still missing. A person introduces himself to us as the chief of the track builders, asking us to move further into the depths of the club.

With a slight feeling of uncertainty, we follow him to the back wall. At this point, the chief gives us dark sunglasses and opens two doors on the wall! Sunlight blinds the less careful among us, and the warmth of the summer is inviting. Protected by aviator glasses, our guide laughs and welcomes us to the only roof terrace in any of Jyväskylä’s nightclubs! This area is incredible. It’s still hard to say what the end result will be like, but it’s already obvious that the charming booths and groups of tables are perfect for early summer evenings. However, we are only allowed a quick glimpse into this paradise until we are hurriedly guided back through the nightclub and to the front door. We are told that something is expected here which cannot be revealed yet.

As in our story train, it’s occasionally time to change the surroundings in 32. But the atmosphere is still more important than the backdrop. The street of 32 can be changed, but not the mood. From more than ten years’ experience on Väinönkatu, the best ingredients gave been selected and put in the shakers of our trusty railway builders. They are certain to mix us as tasty a drink as before, and with even better decoration. Another sure thing is that there will be stories as long as there is an Escape and a 32.

Thank you for coming along to listen to the stories of the old 32. Come and participate in creating the stories of the new Escape and of Kauppakatu 32!

Opening hours:

Sun terrace
Ke-La klo 17-05
Ke-La klo 22-05

Age limit:
Friday & Saturday K20