Restaurant Mr. Jones

Ravintola Mr. Jones, Valtakatu 5, 26100 Rauma

Mr. Jones was a legendary world traveller in seafarers’ stories. According to legend, his life’s work was to visit every corner of the world to collect experiences and meet people.

The passion of Mr. Jones was also to taste the delicacies of every country’s cuisine. He was known everywhere as a convivial and sociable man, ready to tell his stories as long as there was food and drink. The place in the world dearest to Mr. Jones’s heart was Rauma. It became his home base, welcoming him back from the seas. It was in Rauma that he also founded a restaurant carrying his name.

Nowadays, Mr. Jones is located downstairs at the Domino nightclub and is the most popular restaurant for dining and socialising in Rauma. Mr. Jones is an excellent place for dining early in the evening before a night out. Mr. Jones also has a cabinet for 15 people, and Domino and Mr. Jones have shared sauna facilities.