Safety guidance at our events centres and restaurants

To ensure safety from infection, we have introduced these protective measures:

Hand sanitisers
There are hand sanitiser stations at entrances and in the meeting rooms. Hand sanitiser is also available in the WC areas.

Masks are available, if required, at the entrances to our events centres. The wearing of face masks complies with the recommendations issued by the authorities.

Safe distancing
We have safe distancing markings wherever queues can form on our premises: at entrances and in the WC areas. There are signs in front of the lifts stating how many people may use the lift at the same time. Depending on lift size, 1-2 people may use a lift at the same time, except for people in the same party.

Cleaning and disinfection
Our preparations include seamless cooperation with our cleaning partners. The cleaners have received hygiene training and check the hand-contact surfaces at the premises many times a day. Service counters, cloakroom counters, stair rails as well as lift, ATM and payment terminal keypads and touchscreens are among the hand-contact surfaces regularly disinfected.

Restaurant and event centre premises
We comply strictly with the recommendations for restaurants and cafés issued by the authorities. Our premises have hand sanitisers available. Hand-contact surfaces are cleaned and serving tongs are frequently replaced. We mark safe distances and the direction of flow at serving points. Meeting rooms are reserved solely for the use of your own party and meals in conjunction with meetings are in the form of plate service for your party only. Read more detailed instructions regarding events centres here >>

WC areas
WC areas are cleaned and disinfected (toilet seats, sinks, taps) many time during the day. We ensure that hand sanitisers and soap are available. The adequacy of our sanitary facilities has been taken into account based on maximum capacity.

Contactless payment
To avoid touching payment terminals, we recommend the use of payment cards and contactless payment in our restaurants.

First aid staff
Our staff has received first aid training and knows what to do if someone at an event suspects that they have been infected with coronavirus.

Staff protection
Where possible, transparent plexiglass shields have been fitted at cloakrooms and service counters. Our staff wear masks and have constant access to hand sanitisers. We actively monitor the state of health of our staff.

For the common safety of everyone, we hope that you will communicate this safety guidance to your own customers and emphasise in every way that no-one should attend events if they are displaying symptoms.

Our guidance takes into account the coronavirus infection instructions issued by the  Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture and the regulations issued by the  Regional State Administrative Agency.